Purim is a strange holiday. For 2022 it begins at sundown on March 16 and ends on March 17. 

Like dressing in costumes like Halloween? Purim needs costumes.

Gift giving? Purim is the original Jewish gift giving holiday. That was well before Chanukah met Christmas.

Special foods? Every Jewish holiday has special foods. Even Yom Kippur. 

Drunken party? A lot like Mardi Gras, Purim is traditionally celebrated with a large quantity of wine. The teaching is to be inebriated enough to not be able to tell the cheers for Mordechai (the good guy) from the boos for Haman (the bad guy). There are those who abuse this teaching. 

Purim celebrates events that happen much later than the Bible. Events that didn't take place in Israel, Judah, or Judea. The story of Purim does not have the word G-d in it. 

Purim takes place during the Babylonian exile, about 590 BCE. The Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed by the Babylonian king and the Jews were exiled in Babylon. Purim takes place in the city state of Shusan in Persia around 480 BCE. Shushan still exsists. Somewhere I have a picture of my buddy Dave in Nineva with Shusan about 100 km down the road. Since ancient Persia is under present day Iran, he did not swing by for a visit.

Purim is the perfect holiday for those people who "want the Bible back in the classroom." The story of Purim is the Book of Esther. The drinking begins in chapter 1, verse 7. The queen is ordered to dance in only her crown in verse 10. Then things really get going. Here, check for yourself.

Gift giving? Purim! Costumes? Purim! Several beheadings, and palace intrigue? Purim! A commandment to have a glass or three on a Thursday? Purim!