Bond Issue for a New High School

Flyer for the Bond Issue to build the “new” University City Senior High School – Voted May 25, 1928

A week or so ago someone on Facebook asked about ‘what was where U. City High School is now?’ They also asked how long the mascot was the Indians.

I worked for U. City Schools for a decade. I have pdf copies of some 1946-49 U. City Schools Newsletters. They will be in a different post.

I also have a copy of the flyer sent to voters to vote for the $550,000 “new” High School. The one we all went to. The one that opened for the class of 1929.

To answer the question, trees and fields were where the High School is today. The district bought the land to allow for expansion a few years earlier. University Park, the area between Big Bend and North & South, Delmar, and Balson was all built between 1927-1930. U. City was growing and so was the school district.

Why the Indians? The use of Indians as fierce warriors as the mascot started in the 1870’s. It is almost as old and organized sports teams. The movement to replace “Indians” has been going on since the mid 1960’s.