Pizza Cards Against Humanity

On December 21, 2017 Chris Garcia posted a simple question on the Pizza Delivery Drivers Forum:

"If I created a pizza delivery themed Cards Against Humanity expansion pack, who here would buy it?" That was a big old YES!

Next, ideas for card text.

Here is your chance. For a while, I will be collecting a list of car suggestions. Filling out this form will be easier to work with then sorting through Facebook posts.

So, have at it. No guarantees your suggestion will make it into a set. No one in management will see the entries with names without a subpoena. It is a game after all.

"Why do you need my name?" To check if you are real. To thank you in the notes if this becomes a thing.

CAH allows your own expansions. These expansions cannot be sold as CAH cards. Costs can be recovered. Most expansion sets are 30 card packs.

Let's see where this goes.

The list of cards. There were not enough to create a print run.