Another Brick or the Third Time is the Charm

For our anniversary in 2006, Molly ordered a brick from the Muny. The bricks are fund raisers. We grew up going to the Muny. Our first date was at the Muny. And there is the fact that the gift is long lasting and doesn't need to be put away or dusted. And the money does go for a good cause. Pretty good gift. I liked it.

Brick One

Well, a letter arrived saying our brick was in and I went out to take a look at the brick.
Muny brick 1









How many Ns in Portman? Ooops!

Brick Two

Well, a phone call and an apology and a new brick is installed. The Muny is very apologetic. We take the girls to the Muny one Sunday morning to see the brick.
Brick 2
Well Portman is right, but now Merav is wrong! I am irate. Molly is just plain mad. Another phone call. Another apology. Another brick.







Brick Three


Donation made: December 22, 2005
Brick finally correct and in place: August 5, 2006
The bricks are around the fountain at the Culver Pavilion. If you are at about 11 o'clock with the Pavilion at 12, look in the lower right quadrant. They call it section D. But, since there are no markings for the sections, I just walked around about three times until I found it.