Vegetarian Soup Stock

I love "Famous-Barr" French Onion Soup (recipe). It is a rich, tasty, cheesy, mess. It was a treat when I could go downtown to the big Famous-Barr Store. We even bought the soup bowls to match FB.

I posted the recipie to Facebook. It is a St. Louis classic. A vegitarian friend said it sounded good, but how would you do that without the beef stock. I asked the collective Fb mind.

This is from my friend and classmate Susan Riley McKenzie posted this recipe.

Vegetarian Stock for French Onion Soup

Slow roast Carrots, Celery, Onion, Turnips, Parsnips in margarine in a non-stick pan in the oven.

Deglaze pan with a bit of amber bock beer.

In a soup pot, sautee several whole portabella mushrooms in margarine till caramelized deglaze with additional amber bock.

Add contents of roasting pan taking care to scrape in the drippings. Cover with fresh water, toss in some smashed garlic ad parsley... Simmer, strain and season with salt or a spoonful of better than bullion vegetable paste.

Like other French onion recipes from Famous Barr, you can use a tiny bit of kitchen bouquet, and better than bullion makes excellent vegetable bullion.

Something about the combination of portabella and amber bock beer (I used butter because I am not vegetarian) mimics the flavor of beef. It was a kitchen experiment...