Theportmans.name also became a workshop for me to work on various web projects and experiment with cool additions to the web pages I was creating at work.

In the summer of 2011, theportmans.name outgrew it's hosting company. I planned on it taking a month to move to a new host, it took four.

Along the way, theportmans.name became theportmans.info.

By 2014 Joomla had gone through several upgrades. Theportmans.info, had not. In order to use several tools, The site once again needed a major overhaul. The newest version allows for new back end tools as well as on the fly changing from screen to tablet to phone views.

Has it only been a year?
I want a mobile friendly, faster loading website. It means getting away from Joomla. Totally rebuild the site using Get Simple CMS. Get Simple has issues including more than a year without security updates. And Go Daddy decides to delete my super secret gift discount. 

Welcome to aportman.com.