January 28, 1986

Space Shuttle Challenger Explodes on Liftoff

It is a pity that news organizations only care about anniversaries when they are divisible by ten. The Space Shuttle Challenger exploded about one minute into the flight on January 28, 1986.

I was at Crestwood Plaza picking up chocolates for mom's birthday. The clerk at Bissingers took a phone call and came back crying. She said, "The Space Shuttle blew up." I went over to Radio Shack and watched the news for a while before going home. By then, I was crying too. 


The Fallen Astronaut is a memorial to all of those who died in the exploration of space. It was dedicated August 1, 1971. It was dedicated by the crew of Apollo 15 while they were on the moon. A copy is on display at the National Air & Space Museum

Fallen Astronaut

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