The World's Greatest Salesman

This young man walks into a super department store and asks the manager for a job.

"I am the world’s greatest salesman.” He tells the manager.

“We shall see.” Says the manager.

“I will give you one day. We will see how you do and, if you do ok, the job is yours.”

The next day the young man reports to the store bright and early. The manager looks in on him from time to time. At the end of the day, the manger calls the young man over.

“Let’s see how you did.” The manager says.

“I made one sale.” The young man replies.

“One sale? I thought you were the world’s greatest salesman?”

“It was for $103,456,22.”

“You made a $100,000 sale? How?”

“I sold this guy a Chevy Suburban.”

“We don’t have $100,000 Suburbans.”

“Well, I told him he would need a new SUV to pull his new boat trailer.”

“He came in for a boat trailer and you sold him an SUV?”

“No, he need the trailer to haul the boat I sold him.”

“He came in for a boat and you sold him the trailer AND an SUV?”

“No. He needed the boat to go with the rod and reel I sold him.”

“Wait. A man came in to buy a rod and reel and you sold him a boat, trailer and SUV to go with it?”

“No he didn’t come if for a rod and reel. He came in for tampons for his wife. I told him, ‘your weekend is shot, you might as well go fishing’”.